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Choker Bali by Rabindranath Tagore - Book Review


The story of human emotions!

Book Name: Choker Bali
Writer: Ravindranath Tagore
Source: Read from library
Langauge: Hindi (Orginal in Bengali)
Genre: Fiction


'Choker Bali' is one of the best literary work of Rabindranath Tagore. I have read many good reviews about this book so I grab this book when I saw in the library. 

Plot summary: 

This book is the famous book in the literature. Set in the backdrop of Calcutta, this book deal with various human emotions.

'Binodini' protagonist of this novel is a young, beautiful and educated widow woman, who is made to live an exile life after the death of her husband. (at that time there use to be many restrictions on the life of widow). Rajlaxmi, who is annoyed on her son met Binodini in the village and request her to come with her at Calcutta. In Calcutta Binodini met the newly wed wife of Mahendra, Ashalata. Mahendra is the same person who has refused her to marry in the past. Slowly Mahendra starts loving to Binodini and things become nasty when his friend Bihari comes in between.

The whole novel is based on the relation of Binodini, Mahendra, Ashalata and Bihari who try to fight with biggest weakness in human's life i.e. lust, selfishness, lies.


Binodini: She is the protagonist of the novel. An educated (in ancient India)  straightforward, efficient in every work. Her character is far ahead from the time of the novel. 

Mahendra: Son of an affluent family. Who is always pampered by her widow mother and aunty. He is the character who cannot stick to his decision and always get affected by anything.   

Ashalata: An innocent housewife, who can blindly trust on anyone.

Bihari: A good character, who is a life of Rajlaxmi (Mother of Mahendra). He has participated in various independence procession. A devoted friend who keeps her friendship in spite of knowing the truth. 

Writing Style: 

This story is well-knitted, you cannot loose the grip of storyline anywhere. You can get to see the glimpse of old Calcutta. The writer has also written about the orthodox tradition lying in the country. Rabindranath Tagore's work has been translated into many languages you can choose as per your convenience.

My perception: 

The whole novel is a collection of various human emotion. You can get to feel a pain of young widow woman, betrayal, guile, untold love and much more. The writer has weaved the character in such a way that you can feel that they are true. Every girl can resonate with the character of Binodini. The end is beyond the imagination which makes you feel bad. Albeit, the writer has also regretted his decision to ending the novel in that way. A must-read book to every bookworm!

Movies based on this book: 
  • Aishwarya Rai acted famous movie 'Choker Bali' 
  • The part 'Choker Bali' from the Anuraag Basu made 'Stories by Ravindranath Tagore'. 
Halo of book: Excellent !

Grab a copy of this book from here 

Until next time, Keep reading :) 

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