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The Sensualist by Ruskin Bond - Book Review


A story of a self destructive man... 

Book name : The Sensualist 
Writer: Ruskin Bond
Source : Purchased from Amazon
Total pages : 120 pages 
Language: English 
Genre : Novella 


This is short novel, which runs for 120 pages. This book was first published in 'Debonaire' and was charged with the obscenity in Mumbai during the time of emergency. Marathi play writer Vijay Tendulkar become witness on this case. Later Judge found nothing obscene in this book and honourably acquitted Ruskin Bond.  

Plot summary

The story starts somewhere in Kapila, where a traveller took shelter to a cave. The man, ascetic who resides in the cave narrated his journey from a richer son of businessman to become a person like this. He tells all his story that how he gradually become obsessed with sex, and destroys his own identity. The book travelled with the characters named Mulia, Samyukta, Shankini, Roop sing, his younger brother and mother.  This book simply explores that 'excess of everything is harmful'.


One of the main interesting thing about this novella is Ruskin manage to narrate the whole story without providing the name of narrator and protagonist. 

Protagonist: He is the man, who is possessed by the sex and his libido. He never cared about his family business and eventually moved to a path of self destruction.  

Mulia : She is the one character who is very well narrated by writer. She is a widow and caretaker of boy who first share sexual relationship with protagonist. 

Samyuka : A cousin of protagonist, who hates him but further shared sexual relationship with him.

Shankini : A lesbian prostitutes which is resonate with green lantern.

Roop sing : A homeless man, who was helped by Protagonist.

Roop sing's Brother : A shy and cute boy.

Roop sing's mother : A tribal woman.

Writing style : 

Ruskin Bond has manage to convince his message without giving any obscene account in the book. The writing style is just awesome. 

My perception : 

I've read many good reviews about this book so thought to buy it. Ruskin Bond is a gem writer and this book is simply a lesson to everyone that when something become excess then we have to just suffer. 

Halo of Book: Excellent !!

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Until next time, Keep reading :) 

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