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Bhendi Bazaar by Vish Dhamija - Book Review


A great crime story.... 

Book Name: Bhendi Bazaar 
Writer: Vish Dhamija 
Source: Purchased from Amazon 
Price: 250, I got it in 150
Total Pages: 384
Language: English 
Genre: Crime Fiction 


This is a second book of Writer Vish Dhamija. I wanted to read some good crime fiction book so grab my hand on this book.

Plot Summary:  

The story opens up in 1982, where three Soviet girl athlete had come to Delhi, India for Asian games as a Spectators. These three girls has the plan to land London via Mumbai. They successfully fly to Mumbai but unfortunately trapped in the prostitution.

Then the story starts with a present day, a murder in a house, where a victim is a man, the bullet in his head and his genitals are mutilated.  DCP Rita Ferreira is the in-charge of this case.

The story runs in back and forth i.e. 1980’s and 2007. DCP Ferreira and her team put her extreme effort to solve this case. Killer gives 24 hours’ time to stop the next murder. But will she able to solve this case before 24 hours? Who is the killer and what is the motive of murders? Is the present murders has to do something in past?

The story is weaved around forced prostitution, helpless condition of them and mental harassment. Here the victim is a girl who is an unwedded mother, fatal gang rape then forced prostitution for her entire life. The pity of three Russian girls is elaborately present in the book. This book simply explores the dark side of this colourful society where money can make you do anything, money can buy anything.

This story evolved around prostitution, money, lust and death. The writer has maintained the mystery till the last page, but you will get the hint after reading half of the book. However, the real killer will leave you astonished.


DCP Rita Ferreira is the protagonist of this books. There are many small and big character which helps to develop the story. All the characters are well researched and chosen by the writer.

Writing Style:

This story shuffles from present to past events which are interlinked with each other. Then too, writer manage to keep writing flow excellent. The books itself shows that it is a piece of excellent research.

My Perception:

I found this book simply awesome, writer has showcased the dark side of society, human and his/her mentality. This is a great book in crime and murder fiction. Read it if you love murder mystery you will not regret.

Halo of Books: Excellent !!

Grab a copy of this book from here 

Until next time, Keep reading 

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