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Chandragupta, path of a fallen demigod by Rajat Pillai - Book Review


History came alive ... 

Book Name: Chandragupta - Path of a Fallen Demigod
Writer: Rajat Pillai 
Source: Purchased from Amazon 
Price: 149 
Total Pages: 296
Language: English
Genre: Historical Fiction 


I've always heard about Chandragupta Maurya was a successful emperor, and was searching for a good book to know more about him. One day while coming from a train I saw a lady reading this book. I borrow a book from her, had a glance and decide to buy it asap. Another reason to read this book is I've the same surname as Chandragupta. :) 

Plot summary: 

Magadh is now ruled by Dhannanada, a man who want to accumulate much and much money according to his name. Chandra, who is a palace attendant fight furiously to the prince on the day of their graduation. In revert, the fingers of  his left hand are chopped off. 

Vishugupta (Chanakya), who questioned the bad ruling of Dhannanada was dismissed from the palace. To take the revenge or to establish a good governance in Magadh, Vishugupta forms an alliance of youth group named as 'Karma sena' including Chandra. After numbers of fail attempt they finally takeover Patliputra and crown Chandragupta and finally becomes 'Chandragupta Maurya'. He has very good tactics of governance under the guidance of Vishugupta. He able to earn the largest empire in the Indian History. He also defeat Macedonian Seleucus and govern in the best way.

In spite of earning largest empire in the history, why the writer has called 'path of fallen demigod'? What is the reason of his fall? You can get the other side of Samrat Chandragupta  in this book.

Although Chandragupta was a magnificent king in front of the country but he is a lonely person in reality and has much hidden pain. 

The writer has given equal weight to both the side of Chandragupta's life i.e. his success and how he falls. He is a person who loses his love of life, betrayed by his best friend and lose his loving mother.

At the end, you will definitely sympathize with the first king of India who is disturbed by his life. Ultimately he found his inner peace to become a Jain monk. 

Writing Style: 

The flow of writing is simply superb, different phases of the life of Chandra and Murra is just amazing. How he earn the largest empire in the world and how he lose his faith in himself is beautifully put in this book. 

My perception:

As it is fiction novel so the writer has taken the freedom to describe the whole event of Chandra's life excellently. After reading the last page, my eyes filled with tear. This book is simply a replica of Chandragupta's life. Recommended reading to all those reader who are keen to know more about history. 

Halo of book: Excellent  !!

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Until next time, Keep Reading :)

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