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Dollar bahu by Sudha Murthy - Book Review


Where money speaks ...

Book name: Dollar Bahu
Writer: Sudha Murthy
Source: Library
Language: English
Genre: Fiction, Novella


I am sure if you will read one book of Sudha Murthy you will definitely going to read other books as well. This was my third book of Sudha Murthy. This book simply explores how human give importance to money but bot a human being.

Plot summary: 

The story depicts a middle aged man named Shammanna who believes on moral and his wife Gouramma who is a homemaker and believes in lavish life. They have three children Chandru, Girish and Surabhi.

Chandru who is an engineer went to Dharwad for an assignment and fell in love with Vinuta, a girl who is an excellent singer and has all the qualities which a man wants in his wife. He falls in love with her. Later he moved to the USA for a better opportunity.

Simultaneously, here some events occur and Vinuta (Vinu) becomes wife of a Girish. Although Vinu was a good girl but Gouramma always taunts her because she was not from the rich family. On the other side Chandru gets married with Jamuna, a girl from a rich family.

So finally  Gouramma got the chance to compare Vinu with her 'Dollar Bahu'. All these events slowly affect the mental and physical health of Vinu.

Jamuna gets pregnant and Gouramma went the USA to take care of her and baby and find out the reality of her Dollar Bahu.

Writing style:

Again I would say it has written in very easy English. The flow of the story is simply awesome you will not leave the book until you will chew the last page.

My perception:

This books simply represent that 'Money always speaks'. Gouramma, a person who gives more importance to money rather than value. Her eyes are blindfolded with the gold, silver and currency. Sudha Murthy has present the real instance in book which truly present the dowry system and importance of money in relation.

Halo of Book: Excellent!

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