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French Lover by Taslima Nasrin - Book Review


A story of a woman .....

Book name: French Lover 
Writer: Taslima Nasrin
Source:  Library 
Language: English 
Genre: Fiction 


After reading famous and controversial novel 'Lajja' I seen this book in a rack of the library so quickly picked it up. As it is expected this novel is based on woman. 

Plot summary: 

Nilanjana (Nila) is a modern Calcutta girl who has her own experience from society and family. Betrayed by her lover Sushant, her family married her off with an NRI named Kishanlal. Although she was not happy with this decision, but she dreams a better, happier life in France. She wanted to explore France's history and culture and live her life on her own terms. On the contradictory, her husband NRI Kishanlal want her to be a typical housewife and live in the flat. She was not ready to accept male superiority and slowly broke up with Kishan.

She further took a small job where her co-worker Daniella provide her shelter who end up using Nila for her lesbian pleasure. She also flies back to Calcutta after her mother's death. She went back to France with a dream of French Lover and met a French man named Benoire in flight. Read this book to know the more about this French lover. 


The protagonist of this book is Nilanjana, who have her own set of rule for this society and want to live life on her own terms. Another major character present in the book is Kishanlal, who is NRI  but his mind is still in a cage of old sayings. Daniella and Benoire are the next major characters who helps to develop the story. Apart from this there are many small characters which are wisely chosen by the writer. 

Writing Style: 

The writing flow is perfect and language used is super easy even the new reader will find it easy to understand. 

My perception: 

Although this is a story of all about a girl and her freedom but somehow I've found the protagonist 'Nila' little confusing in herself. She was not happy with her husband because he is not handsome. he has put a restriction on her but on the other side she happily accept anything which her French lover use to say her because she is in love with his looks and sweet talk. 

On the other side you can say that writer has portrayed a woman who is so much disturbed by the society and her rule, betray by her love and in search of love she always conned by people. 

Halo of Book: Good !!

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Until next time, Keep reading 

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