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Gently Falls the Bakula by Sudha Murthy- Book review


A story which will connect every girl.... 

Book name: Gently falls the Bakula 
Writer: Sudha Murthy
Source:  Library
Language: English 
Genre: Fiction 


This is the book which have acted saviour/motivator for me. This book is very close to my heart. 

Plot Summary: 

It is a story of two classmates, named as Shrimaan and Shrimati. Both are equally brilliant student and neighbour. There is one Bakula tree who separates their houses. They were class- mates up to tenth standards, Shrimaan thinks he would top this year i.e.. 10th but unlike his thoughts it was Shrimati who tops. while he remained second. Shrimati loves History so chooses this, while Shrimaan selected the subjects which can make him go in IT field. 

During higher secondary education both started loving each other. The duo's love blossom under the Bakula tree at their home. The Bakula tree is the sole witness of their love. Soon both get married without the consent of their parents who are not ready to marry them because of an age-old family rivalry. 

Shrimati's mother-in-law never accepted her. Simultaneously Shrimaan join IIT Mumbai and earns better for him. Soon Shrimati join him. A brilliant student Shrimati dedicates her life to shape the career of Shrimaan.  As the time passed away Shrimaan who is very busy to earn money hardly has any time for Shrimati. After a long time, Shrimati realized, it is not her life she has to do something for her. Read on to know how Shrimati decides to live for her.   

Writing Style: 

One of the key feature of Sudha Murthy's book is easy language, even the new reader can flow with the novel. I've read this novel in just one day. 

My perception: 

As I stated earlier, this is a book which is motivator for me. All the Indian girls are taught to sacrifice something for everyone either it's her parents, brother or husband. But nobody cares us, here Shrimati who has sacrificed everything for her husband found nothing and finally decide to live for her and her love towards history. I recommend this book to every girl. 

Halo of Book: Excellent !

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Until next time, Keep Reading 

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