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Lajja by Taslima Nasrin- Book Review


A shame to Humanity... 

Book name: Lajja (Shame) 
Writer: Taslima Nasrin
Source: Library
Language: English, original in Bengali
Genre: Fiction 


I don't think I need to give introduction of this book. This was the controversial book which made Taslima to be a refugee in the India. First publish in 1993, this book was a bold account of riots happened after Babri masjid issue. 

Plot summary: 

Babri masjid was demolished on the date of 6 December 1992 in India. At that time the whole country was suffering from Hindu- Muslim riots. The heat of communal riot went around Bangladesh which erupted anti- Hindu riots. Taslima has weaved all the incident by the help of fictional character.

Sudhomoy, a man who love his motherland. has spent his entire life expect that his motherland will never do anything wrong with him. Every Hindu was moving to India, but he refuse to move from Dhaka.  Kiranmayee, wife of Sudhomoy who stood by her husband's decision to live in this country. Suranjan, son of Sudhomay who also believes that nationalism is bigger that any communal riots but further disappointed with his thought. His sister, Nilanjana got abducted by the group of men and never came back. How they cope with the burning situation of Bangladesh? do they move to India or will become the prey of communal riots? What do they get in return of loving their motherland?

My perception:

The characters in this book are fictional but they will honestly provide you situation of the people who was in cage of communal riot. During the Babri masjid issue I was not even born but my mummy says we all were very afraid. This book will give you ultimate verdict that massacre based on religion is not at all worthy. I recommend this book to everyone to know that humanity is apex not religion. 

Halo of Book: Excellent !! 

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