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Mahashweta by Sudha Murthy- Book Review


Where beauty is everything .... 

Book name: Mahashweta 
Writer: Sudha Murthy 
Source: Library
Language: English
Genre: Fiction, Novella 


This is a short book, a novella which you can finish in just one day. This story is weaved around stigma attached with leucoderma disease. 

Plot summary: 

The story revolves around a girl named Anupama (Anu), who is utterly beautiful. She is good at acting, studies. Due to her acting skill she organises various play for the charitable purpose. During one of her such play, a renowned and handsome man Dr. Anand enchants by her beauty and send a proposal of marriage. 

Step mother of Anu, Sabbakka want to get rid from her so she accept the proposal. Anu was from the middle class family could not afford the expenses of wedding hence Dr. Anand and his mother Raddakka bears the whole expenses. 

Further, Anand goes to England for higher studies and Anu stay here to perform her first Diwali pooja. Everything was going fine until one day she finds that she has a white patch which is a leucoderma. Her mother in law throws her out of the house because having this disease. She finds not a single support from her maternal house. The saddest part is that in spite of knowing the situation of Anu, Anand never write to her. 

Fed up from the villagers taunts Anu moves to Mumbai to build a good career. At last Anand came to her but does she accept him? Read the book to know more. 

This novella has a link with a character of Banbhatta's epic work 'Kadambari' where the protagonist Mahashweta wears white to get back her love Pundarika in life while in this novel protagonist turns white.   

Writing Style:

Again it's a great work of Sudha Murthy, the language is very easy and will keep you hook until the last page. 

My perception: 

This novella deals with the social stigma of leucoderma, a man who love just for beauty, a girl who weighs by her beauty but not by her emotions. Finally, I am sure this book will leave you spellbound. This book is one of the finest work of Mrs. Sudha Murthy. Recommend reading to all the bookworms. 

Halo of book: Excellent !! 

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Until next time, Keep reading

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