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Provoked,The story of Kiranjit Ahluwalia - Book review


A story of domestic violence ...  

Book name: Provoked 
Writer: Kiranjit Ahluwalia and Rahila Gupta 
Source:  Library 
Language: English 
Genre: Non- Fiction 


I've read this book after the movie 'Provoked' starring by Aishwarya Roy. I've not watched the movie yet but read this book when I found it in library. 

Plot Summary: 

Born in the Sikh family in Punjab, Kiran has lost both her parents at the tender age of 16. She wanted to become a lawyer but got married to Deepak who resides in London with his mother. She wanted to continue her studies but was restricted by Deepak. Soon she starts witnessing the real side of Deepak who is alcoholic, violent, abusive both physically and verbally. He even molest her sexually. 

Subsequently Kiran got to know that Deepak has multiple relationship with other women. She hope that things will become normal after a child but it was not ! She spend nearly 10 years to bearing this nightmare. Fed up by his inhuman act, ultimately one day she decides to kill his husband by burning him up while he was sleeping. She was charged by murder and was sentenced to life in prison. After knowing her situation The Southball black sister, an NGO who work against domestic violence came forward and helps her to get justice. 


The protagonist of this book is Kiranjit Ahluwalia and the whole events are weaved around her. 

Writing Style: 

The writing flow is awesome and the authors succeed to provide a sight of domestic violence and the pity of Kiran. 

My perception: 

Domestic violence is one of the major crime against women. This book is a real journey of woman who has some dreams in her eyes but was married to a psycho person. Although what she did was a crime in the eye of law but she didn't have any option to get free from this hell. She was 'Provoked' to do this by the act of Deepak. This is an excellent book I recommend this book to every reader. 

Halo of Book: Excellent !! 

Until next time, Keep Reading :) 

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