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Starry Nights by Shobha de - Book Review


A story of Filmi Duniya ...

Book Name: Starry nights
Writer: Shobha de 
Source: Library
Language: English
Genre: Fiction 


This is a second book of Shobha de. She had a successful career in modelling and glamour world and this book is a replica of the dark side of Bollywood. This book was first published in 1991. It is believed that the love affair of Aasha Rani and Akshay Arora is based on the love life of Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha. 

Plot summary: 

Viji, a dark chubby girl from Madras was pushed into blue films by her own mother, Amma. Later she ventured into the film industry by the famous producer Kishanbhai. He advise her to sleep with the appropriate people to secure her role and renamed Viji as 'Aasha Rani'. Eventually, Kishanbhai falls in love with her. The thirst of filmi world and interest she successfully moves in filmi world. 

While working in the film industry, she falls in love with Akshay Arora who is a sex symbol in the movies. He beats her many times. Slowly he gets bore with Aasha Rani and Akhsay's wife declare to one of the magazine that earlier she was a porn actress. Later she met a Parliament member, Sheth Amirchand, who support her to flourish her career in return of her body. 

One day she asks Akshay Arora to get marry to her but he refuses and due to this she attempts suicide. 
She befriended with a lesbian girl Lida who write juicy column on suicide attempt of Aasha Rani. 

Further, she went to New- Zealand and during journey she has sex with a man named as Gopalkrishna in plane's toilet. In the next event the same man threaten her to kill her daughter. She comes back to India in a hope of resuming career. But she able to do so? Read the book to know more. 

Writing Style: 

Writing style is excellent and writer has nicely described many bold accounts in this book. 

My Perception: 

Although this book was published in 1991 but when you read it now you can resemble it with 'Dirty Picture' and 'Silk Smitha'. The writer has tried to depict the dark side of Filmi, glamour world, but many sexual encounter makes you feel like it's a soft porn book. I didn't find this book worth to read. You can skip it.

Halo of book: Fair !!

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