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Dongri To Dubai by S. Hussain Zaidi - Book review


Detailed history of Mumbai Mafia 

Book name: Dongri to Dubai 
Writer: S. Hussain Zaidi 
Source: Read from Library 
Pages: 378
Language: English
Genre: Crime/non-fiction 


This is third book of S. Hussain Zaidi, A experienced crime journalist, who has written this book to provide an ultimate history on Mumbai's infamous mafia and the underworld. This book was published in the year 2012. I've met Mr. Zaidi to one of our college media conferences. He is a die-hard crime journalist. This book was on my bucket list from so many months but finally got a chance to read now. So read on more how is this book? 

Plot summary: 

This book is separated in two parts. The book starts with the a brief introduction of  Dawood Ibrahim, about his nature, his ambition and his family background. The writer has pointed the root of mafia birth, in between the year of 1950-1960. Different types of small goons who have came to Mumbai in search of a job. 

Further, This book explores the emerge of smuggler like Haji Mastan, Vardarajan, Karim Lala, Pathans who were the pioneer of smuggling. The writer has covered each and every person who helped to build of this infamous mafia gang. All the person are interlinked with each other building the character of Dawood Ibrahim, who later take over all the illegal activity in his hand and flee to Dubai. He still manages to continue his illegal activity with the help of Chota Rajan and Abu Salem. The writer has showcased the  journey of  a small town boy Dawood to become the world's most wanted criminal. 

My perception: 

As mention previous, this book is an ultimate detailed history of Mumbai Mafia. He has included each and every person who is responsible to building this Mafia gang. This book is written with a lot of research and you will get to know once you start to read this. I recommend this book to everyone who wanted to how Mumbai become the center of crime? 

Halo of book: Excellent !!

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Until next time, Keep reading

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