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Nothing last Forever by Vish Dhamija - Book review


 suspense crime story ...

Book Name: Nothing Last Forever 
Writer: Vish Dhamija 
Source: Purchased from Amazon 
Price: INR 70
Total Pages: 264
Language: English 
Genre: Crime Fiction 


This is the first book written by author Vish Dhamija. After reading the novel Bhendi Bazaar I thought to explore the first book written by him so in no time I bought this book. Let's see how did this book meet my expectation? 

Plot Summary:

Year 1996-Serena, A successful banker who was on an official trip in Singapore got a call from Mumbai police that her house situated in the posh area,Worli got on fire where her husband named as Raaj Kumar (who was a financial consultant) died. The insurance amount was huge and the police in-charge Micheal D'cunha searched all the possible way to know the reason of this unfortunate event but at last, it remained as a arson. 

The things sorted out and then story evolve around Serena and Kim and how she overcome from the mourn of her husband. 

During the end of the century, the Indian government announced to dematerialized of the share where they found that the case of counterfeit of shares is in large number. The responsibility of investigation handed over to Micheal D'cunha and ACP Kabir, who was the classmate of Serena and Raaj. 

There investigation has many turns and they found the culprit.

The plot of this novel is very nice. The author managed to keep the suspense. Reader has to remember all the things which they are reading in the first part.


Raaj Kumar: A successful financial consultant. 

Serena Kumar: Protagonist of the novel, wife of Raaj Kumar and Banker by profession.

Kim: Aspiring Model and great friend of Serena and Raaj

Sonny: A chef by profession and belongs to an affluent family.

G.K: Boss of Serena. 

Writing style:

The writing style is simple and easy to understand. The story pace is also good. I bet you will not keep this novel until you reach on the last page. I ended reading this novel in just 2 days.  

My Perception:

This story is weaved around the share scam which happens in the era of 90's and the writer is the success to use this plot of his story. The writer has provided the great account of scam, love, lust, murder and money. A must read to all the crime-thriller novel lover.

Halo of books: Excellent !!!

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Until next time, Keep reading 

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