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Can Love Happen Twice by Ravinder Singh - Book Review


Book Name: Can Love Happen Twice?
Writer: Ravinder Singh
Source: Purchased from a local bookstore
Total Pages: 224
Language: English
Genre: Romance


This is the sequel of Ravinder Singh's debut novel 'I Too Had A Love Story'. As I said in my previous review, not all love stories end on a happy note. But, life surely does not stop there. Same happened with Ravin. After his incomplete love story with Khushi, Ravin was highly depressed and engrossed himself in work. He shifted abroad only to divert his mind from everything back in India. But he is clueless what's in store for him there!

Plot Summary:

After suffering a massive heartbreak from his incomplete first love story, Ravin tries to keep himself engrossed in work, obviously to divert his attention. Amidst this, he is transferred abroad by his employer. Ravin leaves India and sets up a new life in the new country.

Once, while he is out at a cafe buying food, his eyes meet that of a girl whom he finds very attractive. And, the bonus point for him is that she is an Indian too. Within a few days, both become friends and almost start living together. No doubt, both of them have already fallen for each other and are deep in love.

Their story, however, ends on a sad note once again since both of them develop compatibility issues.

Writing Style:

The writing style, as in his first book, is quite simple and easy to understand. The author has tried to describe his stay abroad and the new girl in his life in the greatest detail possible.

My Perception:

Once you have read Ravinder Singh's first book ' I Too Had A Love Story', this book will fail to make you happy. Ravin and Khushi's story in his first book was remarkable and once you read that, you have great expectations from the second book as well. But, 'Can Love Happen Twice' fails to create that magic of love. It will leave you disappointed as it is a very average tale of love.

Halo of Books: Average !

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