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Ghost stories of Shimla hills By Minakshi Chaudhary - Book Review


An amusing collection of ghost stories

Book name: Ghost stories of Shimla Hills
Writer: Minakshi Chaudhary 
Source: Purchased from Amazon 
Total pages: 139
Language: English 
Genre: Short stories/ Fiction/ Horror 


Ghost stories always fascinated me. The terrific looks of ghost and their past life are something which makes me read ghost stories. Every culture has its own depiction of ghost and ghostly thing. You will find me reading the ghost story in free time. Shimla is one of my dream destination as it has a dreamy atmosphere. In past Shimla has been the favourite place of Britisher's as they find the environment of Shimla same as to England. As they left our country but with this they have left some stories which have now become the folklore of Shimla. 


Minakshi Chaudhary was a former journalist. She belongs to Shimla. She grew up listening spooky stories of Bhoots (Ghosts) and churail (Lady ghost) and in this book she has tried to compile some of those stories. 

This book has 15 short stories, giving the various instance of Bhoots and Churails. These stories depict the culture of Shimla hills. The misty atmosphere, heritage bungalow, trees of deodar, the lifestyle of Britishers. 

All the stories are based on the work of fiction. These are those stories which are coming from generation to generation and now become the folklore. The writer has gathered such stories from people and presents it in a form of the book. 

In this book, you can find a story of a man who met a Churail while coming back to his home at night. A ghost of a 14-year-old-girl, who come back in this world just to seek the justice. A story of bhoot bungalow where people get thrown out of the room.  

I personally love the story 'The Sanjauli Fruit seller' where a new resident of Shimla, unaware of the ghost route walk back to home and he met a fruit seller in a very odd place. Which was actually a ghost. 

This book has the foreword of Ruskin Bond which gives it an incredibility. 

Writing style:

Stories are written in a simple way. The language is pretty easy to understand.

My perception: 

Actually, I have bought this book in the hope of getting some spine chilling horror but this book is just a collection of folklore mended with work of fiction. You can complete this book in just one day. Stories are amusing but it will not really haunt you. There is some story where you will not even able to find the conclusion. Give it a read when you want to read light horror stories. 

Halo of book: Good !!

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