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I Too Had A Love Story by Ravinder Singh - Book Review


Book Name: I Too Had A Love Story
Writer: Ravinder Singh
Source: Purchased from a local bookstore
Total Pages: 212
Language: English
Genre: Romance


With the internet becoming an integral part of our lives, people have now resorted to finding their soul mates online. Internet romance is not something alien to today's generation and the world has seen enough such relationships that boomed over the internet and became successful. But, does every love story need to have a happy ending? There are such love stories that remain incomplete due to fate. Read this book to find out!

Plot Summary:

This is an autobiographical novel by Ravinder Singh which means this is his very own story.

Ravin (Ravinder himself) and Khushi are the protagonists in the story. Both of them meet over the internet and are looking for the perfect soul mate. The everyday chats and calls bring them closer to each other, enough to make them fall in love.

After convincing their parents, the two decide to get engaged. Being very much in love, it is difficult for the two to stay away from each other. Both of them wait eagerly to get engaged and start a new life together.

However, destiny has other plans. Just about 3 days before their engagement, an untoward incident occurs. Of course, I am not going to reveal here what exactly happens or it will spoil your entire excitement of reading the book.

The incident leaves a huge impact on Ravin's life and he is completely devastated. Read the book to find out what exactly happens.

Writing style:

'I Too Had A Love Story' is the debut novel of Ravinder Singh who was employed in the IT sector then. The language used is extremely simple and thus very easy to understand. The author has tried to explain everything about him and Khushi, his first love, in the greatest detail possible. Although simple, the author has chosen the words so well that they will surely leave tears in your eyes at some point.

My Perception:

I Too Had A Love Story is an awesome book to read if you are a fan of love stories. At some point, it may look fictional or dramatic due to the incidents happening but it is a real story. And, when you realize that, you can do nothing but think what the author must have gone through.

This is a book that perfectly illustrates that not every love story has to end on a 'Happily Ever After' note. Some love stories remain incomplete due to fate and are yet immortal. With this book, Ravinder Singh has made his first love Khushi remain alive and immortal in people's hearts.

Halo of Books: Excellent!!

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Until next time, keep reading!

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