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Karna's Wife By Kavita Kane - Book review


Unseen emotion of Mahabharat 

Book Name: Karna's Wife- The Outcast's queen
Writer: Kavita Kane
Source: Read from Library
Total Pages: 310
Language: English
Genre: Mythological fiction/ Fiction


Recently I've read 'Palace of Illusions' where author weaved the story around Draupadi and her perception of the war. Apart from Kaurava and Pandava, there was one warrior, archer who was greater than the Arjuna. The warrior was Karna, who was abandoned by his unmarried mother Kunti, mother of five Pandavas. Karna has lived an ignorant and cursed life. This story is about his wife Uruvi, The outcast's queen.

Plot Summary: 

Uruvi, the sole princess of kingdom Pukeya falls in love with Karna during the archery contest of Hastinapur. In spite of having a great archery skill than Arjuna, Karna was questioned about his low caste birth.

Facing many troubles from his parents and relatives, she finally marries Karna at her Swaymver. Karna's loyal friendship with Duryodhana was pushing him into the dark. In spite of knowing Duryodhan is wrong, Karna helps him in his every task whether it is wrong or right. The various events of Mahabharat like disrobing of Draupadi directly affect their peaceful life.

Uruvi knows Karna is on the wrong side, tries to convince him to choose the right path but fails. She fears to lose him in this insensible war. 'I fear I am going to lose you forever.........' She knows what is going wrong but she doesn't have any control over them.

Uruvi was a wife who loves her husband and stands by him in spite knowing the result of war. She was a woman who had the ability to try to show the right path to his husband. She questioned those people who made Karna living an exiled life.

The emotion of a wife whose husband is becoming the morsel of doom, who gets nothing out of the war but the death of her husband. It is a story which is never seen.

The other well known characters of Mahabharat like Bhismha Pitamah, Kunti, Duryodhan, Arjuna, Bhim, Dronacharya interestingly help to develop the story.

Writing Style: 

The story is written from the point of view of Uruvi and her feelings towards the war. The writing style is effective and it will sink you in the character of Uruvi. Although it's a fiction but the author has managed to keep the real essence of Mahabharat intact.

My perception: 

The woman characters have always given the least importance in mythology. It is a commendable job of the author that she chose to write from the perception of the wife of Karna, who knows that she is going to lose her husband but still she never loses hopes to make him away from this war. Karna was an epitome of generous & loyal person. He is the one character in Mahabharat whom I adore the most. The wife of a cursed person, Uruvi has also faced many discriminations like Karna but her love towards Karna was spellbound. The last pages of this book will definitely make you cry. A must must read for those who love mythology.

Halo of book: Excellent !!

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