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P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern - Book Review


Book Name: P.S. I Love You
Writer: Cecelia Ahern
Source: Purchased from a local bookstore
Total Pages: 470
Language: English
Genre: Romance


Losing someone you love from all your heart can be painful. And what if that someone has been your sweetheart since childhood? Can’t imagine the pain? Well, this book will make you feel it, quite literally! A simple, clean and honest story of love that is all about holding on things, letting go and falling in love all over again!


The story revolves around the two main characters Holly Kennedy and her husband Gerry Clark, based in Dublin. The two are neighbours and childhood friends, turned into lovers and ultimately into a happily wed couple.

A journey of ups and downs, fights and making up between the two, suddenly takes a worse turn when Holly loses Gerry to brain tumour. Deeply distraught and hurt, Holly spends each and every day of her life holding on to the best memories of the two, crying profusely remembering him and spending sleepless nights.

What comes to her rescue is the support from her 3 dear friends and family who try every bit to cheer her up. Holly somehow struggles to be a strong woman and start life anew without her partner.

But, the surprise element is what Gerry has left back for her before leaving the world. He has not only taken care of making his wife feel happy after him but also motivates her to fall in love once again and get married for a well-settled life.

Writing style:

The writing style is quite simple and one won’t need to sit with a dictionary while reading the book. The writer has written the book artistically and is sure to fill your eyes. It will soak you in emotions and make you feel what losing a loved one feels like.

 My perception:

P.S. I Love You is a lovely book for all those who have ever fallen in love. It takes you on a long emotional journey that warms the heart and fills the eyes. It teaches one to accept the tough situations in life, deal with them, cope with dilemma and emerge as a stronger person.

Halo of books: Excellent!

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Until next time, keep reading!

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