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Susanna's Seven Husbands by Ruskin Bond - Book review


A witty black humor 

Book Name: Susanna's Seven Husbands (with a screenplay of Vishal Bhardwaj & Matthew Robbins)
Writer: Ruskin Bond
Source: Read from Library
Total Pages: 206
Language: English
Genre: Fiction/ Novella


Ruskin Bond's literary works is a gems in itself and he doesn't need any explanation. Vishal Bhardwaj and Ruskin Bond has already worked together for the film of  'The Blue Umbrella'. So when Vishal Bhardwaj was searching for a new story then he finds the short story of Ruskin Bond 'Susanna's seven Husbands'. It was just four-page short story but after the persuasion of Mr. Bhardwaj Author has expanded this short story into 200-page novella. Based on that Vishal Bhardwaj & Matthew Robbins had written the screenplay of the movie '7 Khoon Maaf'. This book includes 200 pages novella, the screenplay of '7 Khoon Maaf' and original 4-page short story.

Plot Summary: 

Arun, a 12-year-old boy first saw Susanna when he was living in the bungalow next to her spacious estate on the outskirt of Meerut. The story is written from the perception of Arun.

Susanna first met Arun while he tries to steal guava from the tree of her premises and in return, she sent him a basket full of guava next day. She has three loyal servants, Maggie, Goonga and Shah Rukh.

The character Susanna is beautiful, romantic and full of mystery. Susanna is much older than Arun, he find her beautiful 'Wicked beautiful' as her seven husbands get mysterious death. She was in search of true love and has an instinct of falling in love with wrong men.

I loved the way how the author has given a metaphor of black widow spider, who has a tendency to eat their mates to Susanna.

The whole screenplay is also given in the book which you will find interesting to read. Unlike the movie novella doesn't provide you any justification of the murder/death of Susanna's husbands. The movie is slightly molded in the different forms to fill the gaps between the stories.

Writing Style:  

Ruskin Bond has penned down a complex black humor in simplest form. The character of Susanna and her seven husbands is written in a very interesting way. Once you finished the book you will rethink that how simply author has written this story!

My Perception: 

Every book of Ruskin Bond is a must- read to all the bookworms. This story came into limelight when '7  Khoon Maaf ' get released. Author has worked hard to develop the story from 4-page short story to 200 pages novella. This is simple black humor, which you can finish reading in just two days. Read this book, you will find a complex story written in the simplest way.

Halo of book: Excellent !!

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Until next time, Keep Reading :) 

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