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The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini - Book Review


Book Name: The Kite Runner
Writer: Khaled Hosseini
Source: Purchased from Google Play Store
Total Pages: 371
Language: English
Genre: Drama


Novels have always fascinated me. So, I keep asking my friends to recommend me good books. One of my old friends had recommended me this book long back and, ever since, I had always wanted to read it. Since I couldn’t find time to actually visit a library or a bookstore and buy a copy for myself, I purchased it from Google Play Store so that I could read it on my mobile in free time. And, to my surprise, it actually turned out to be the most sensitive and awesome books I had ever read!


The story is based in Kabul in Afghanistan where two young boys, Amir and Hassan stay in a lavish house. Amir is the son of a renowned merchant while Hassan is the son of their house help. Amir has lost his mother on birth while Hassan’s mother has fled the home leaving behind her husband and young son.

Amir’s father, referred to as Baba in the book, is a rich, strong and courageous man who treats Hassan and his father like family. However, Amir, being a coward, is not much loved and pampered as a child by his father.

Amir and Hassan have grown together in the same house, playing games and taking walks down the busy Kabul streets. Hassan, being Amir’s servant, has exceptional love and loyalty towards Amir and is quite literally ready to do anything for him.

One day, during a kite flying festival in Kabul, an incident happens in Amir’s and Hassan’s life that changes the way of their lives. Both part ways eventually and begin their own lives.

But, destiny has other plans. Read the book and find out what unfolds next!

Writing style:

The writing style is not much complicated. At many places, Afghani words are used. But the author also gives a clear meaning of the words for readers to understand.

 My perception:

The Kite Runner is a beautiful story of two children whose lives change drastically due to a small incident. This is a perfect tale of tragedy that will fill your eyes for the love and loyalty of Hassan towards Amir. The book also highlights the miserable living conditions and violence in Kabul.

Halo of books: Excellent!

Grab a copy of this book from here 

Until next time, keep reading!

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