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The Terrorist's Son by Zak Ebrahim - Book Review


Book Name: The Terrorist's Son
Writer: Zak Ebrahim
Source: Purchased from Amazon
Total Pages: 96
Language: English
Genre: Autobigraphy


Ever thought how would it be like to have a terrorist at home? Does that scare you? You got to read this heart-touching tale 'The Terrorist's Son' by Zak Ebrahim! This is a true story, an autobiography by the author who was raised by a terrorist father. This is a heart-breaking tale of a small boy who was born to a terrorist father, one who helped planned the attacks on the World Trade Center, and what follows for the family is a miserable life.


The story revolves around the author, Zak Ebrahim himself, and his family that was once a mainstream happy family. Ebrahim's mother, a Catholic by birth, gets converted to Islam and marries El-Sayyid Nosair. She has a daughter from a previous marriage and the couple is later blessed with two boys. The family is a portrait of happiness until Sayyid Nosair goes the wrong way.

Sayyid Nosair is influenced and brainwashed by a few people at a local mosque and that's when he decides to take a step towards terrorism. His anger and hatred towards America is also built following a chain of events in his life. He involves in the shooting of a Jewish Defence Leader and is imprisoned. While in prison, he helps plot the horrible attack on the World Trade Center.

Amidst this, Zak Ebrahim and his family suffer massive damage. While the author is bullied, teased and hated by students at school, the family, now without a father, keep on changing cities to save themselves from the shame. Every attempt to make their life better fails and the family lands into more and more troubles.

Ebrahim, however, grows up to be a wise man and chooses the path of peace over hate and terrorism, although he is taught to hate since childhood.

Writing style:

The writing style is fair enough, not very difficult to understand and not very simple either. But, I must say, the author has put his heart and soul into writing this book and preach the message of peace and love to the world which is what makes it commendable. Also, the author has kept the book short and simple which can help you finish it within a day or two.

My Perception:

In my view, each and every individual in the world should read this book. Especially in today's world where more and more youth are turning towards violence and terrorism and getting fascinated with terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Al-Qaeda and more. This is an absolutely awesome book to read, very engaging, that will force you to think and leave you stunned.

I completely agree with the author here,  it is a matter of choice for people whether to go the wrong way or stick to the right one, no matter how difficult it is. Although the author had been taught to hate and had seen terrorist attacks since childhood, he chose peace over anything else and is currently a peace ambassador to the world. Hats off!

Halo of Books: Excellent!!

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Until next time, keep reading!

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