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Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn - Book Review


A good psychological thriller

Book Name: Gone Girl 
Writer: Gillian Flynn
Source: Read on Amazon Kindle app
Language: English 
Total Pages: 578 
Genre: Fiction/Crime and Thriller 


I have read many good reviews about this book so finally, I picked this book to read what makes this book a must read. I loved the title and synopsis of this book and really want to finish this book to know the story. So let's move to plot summary. 

Plot Summary: 

Amy and Nick Dunne, a writer and journalist live in New York and lose their job to recession. They move to Missouri, the hometown of Nick, to start a new life. Nick owns a Bar with his twin sister Margo; the bar is actually bought from the money of Amy. Things go fine until, one day, on their anniversary, Amy gets mysteriously disappeared.  There are many circumstances following this which make police suspect Nick for murdering his wife Amy. 

In the first half, readers feel that Nick is a murderer as his every statement to the police is a clear lie. The story runs with the diary of Amy and present day of Nick. Amy has written a diary to portray their marriage life, her feelings towards Nick. 

The infidel husband Nick has an affair with Andie a younger student of his. So in short the dark cloud starts gathering over Nick, an infidel husband having an affair since last one year, after his beautiful intelligent wife disappeared suddenly, and all the evidences point at him. 

Nick is about to be convicted for the murder of Amy but is she really dead? Is she exactly the same in her diary? What is the true persona of Amy? The story goes on with an amazing narration weaving a psychological- thriller story. 

The other main characters, Amy's parents Rand and Marybeth, Investigation officer Rhona and Gilpin, lawyer Turner and Nick's twin sister Margo, interestingly help to develop the story. 

Writing Style: 

The writer has done an excellent job in running a parallel story of two protagonists. The narration of every minute thing comes out perfectly. Readers will find themselves engaged in story.  

My perception: 

This book is an ugly truth of marriage where no outsider can guess what exactly is happening between the couple. However this book has got many good reviews but there are many things which I didn't like. The investigation officer never tries to search Amy or trace her cell phone. I mean, there is a complete absence of police investigation in this book which is not expected by me. The other characters Hillary and O'Hara know the hidden persona of Amy but I never understand why police doesn't believe in them and take their statement. If I am talking about protagonist in this book then they are total shits !! Yes, they are. I mean you cannot sympathize with any one of them. Give it a read if you want to read the ugly truth of human persona. 

Halo of books: Good !

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Until next time, Keep Reading :) 


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