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Habit (Titan Trilogy #1) by T.J. Brearton - Book Review


Book Name: Habit (Titan Trilogy #1)
Writer: T.J. Brearton
Source: Purchased on Amazon Kindle
Total Pages: 390
Language: English
Genre: Fiction / Thriller


'Habit' was the first ever thriller novel that I read. Since I have an immense affection for the crime genre, this was a novel that I picked after reading it's tagline 'A Gripping Detective Thriller Full Of Suspense'. Naturally, the title and the tagline have a lot to do in pulling readers' attention and forcing them to read the book. So what does the book really offer? Let's move to the plot summary.

Plot Summary:

The story begins with the climax scene where the reader does not really get the background of what and why things are happening. And, in the next chapter, the story goes into a flashback.

The flashback begins with the murder of a young, beautiful girl Rebecca Heilshorn in a huge farmhouse. Soon, police, detectives and forensic people arrive at the scene and investigations begin. All the vital proofs are collected and sent for forensic analysis along with Rebecca's body. In the meantime, Rebecca's brother, Kevin Heilshorn arrives at the farmhouse and is heartbroken to see his sister dead.

Rebecca, reports suggest, has been stabbed repeatedly by a sharp knife. However, since there are no neighbours staying around the house, it becomes a tough job for the detectives to dig out information about Rebecca, her past, the people in her life, her education, career and more.

And, this is where the suspense begins that continues right till the end. In fact, every step of the investigation will bring a surprise for you and make readers feel as if they are the ones investigating the gruesome murder. Read the book to find out what unfolds and discover the climax.

Writing Style:

The writing style used by the author is immensely descriptive. You will get a complete idea of what the victim is, her house, the detectives and all the people involved. Naturally, since the story is based in the US, there are many US terms used. For instance, like we have cops, there are Sheriffs in the US. However, in all, the book is not much difficult to read!

My Perception:

In my opinion, this is one of the best books that I have ever read! And, the fact that it is a thriller murder mystery, makes it more interesting and gripping right till the end. You will simply want to read more to know what happens next. Such is the impact of the book.

The climax, the one that the book starts with, is a bit dramatic like a Bollywood movie, Nevertheless, the book will keep you engaged till it's last page. And yes, there's a shock awaiting in the last chapter!

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Halo of Books: Excellent!

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Until next time, keep reading!

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