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Mafia queens of Mumbai by S. Hussain Zaidi - Book review

Vishkanya of Mumbai's underworld 

Book name: Mafia queens of Mumbai
Writer: S. Hussain Zaidi with Jane Borges
Source: Read from Library
Page: 290
Language: English
Genre: Crime/ Non-fiction


It was few year ago, I have read one cover story in a national daily newspaper and it really left me astonished. The story was about present days Vishkanya i.e femme fatale  If you are introduced to Indian mythology then you must have heard about Vishkanya, they were the poison maidens who were nurtured by the little dose of poison every day and one they get immune to the poison then they were sent to respective enemy to decoy and kill them. It was said that Vishkanya can kill the enemy just by touching them. It was the story of mythology but the present days Vishkanya are also dangerous just like the Vishkanya of mythology. This is the second book of crime journalist S. Hussain Zaidi. I have already read 'Black Friday'. After reading the title, I curiously wanted  to know the lady mafia queens in Mumbai's underworld So I picked this book.  Let's see the summary of this book.


Mumbai's underworld is an infamous and wealthiest place. Right from the Haji Mastan to Dawood Ibrahim everybody had played a crucial role. There were many small helping aid to them and there were many women in the underworld who played a notorious, merciless character which is beyond to the imagination.

In this book, author has compiled 13 stories of women from the underworld. Each one has a different role. Their psyche, their thinking there ambition which led them to the underworld.

Every story is unique in its own way. Jenabai, a simple woman from dongri who participated in Gandhian movement, entered in grain smuggling and bootlegging finally become a clever adviser to the underworld. You can find the reference of Jenabai in the book of 'Dongri to Dubai' too.

Gangubai, who become the victim of forced prostitution during teenage in Kamathipura. She decided to accept her fate and slowly become the matriarch of the Kamthipura.

There was one story which left me spellbound. It was the story of Ashraf alias Sapna Didi. Who entered in the underworld to revenge from Dawood for killing of her husband Mehmood. She has lived a protected life but after the killing of her husband she notoriously entered in the underworld. Her determination. her aim was something which makes you rethink the psyche of this daredevil woman.

There are stories of wives of Hindu don who deliberately motivate their husbands to enter in the underworld. They even tried to protect their respective husbands from any harm by entering into politics.
In this book, you can find the story of Monica Bedi, an alleged love interest of Abu Salem. How did she fell in love with him? How she lived with him? How she regret her decision?

It was 2005 and I was in school when the Bar Dancer of Deepa bar Tarranum Khan made the headlines by betting on cricket. She was the richest bar dancer in Mumbai. You can find the story of her in this book.

Writing Style: 

S. Hussain Zaidi is an eminent crime journalist and his books deal with non-fiction incident. His books are research based from the source of police record, witnesses, News and media reports. The writing style is pretty easy to understand and it will urge to flip the next page. You can complete the whole book in just two days.

My perception: 

There is a saying that 'Behind every successful man there is a woman behind' and this book is simply a replica of that kind of women but the hint of crime and wrong path make them different. Some entered in crime to fulfill their desire of lavish life, some entered by compulsion, some shows a wrong path to their husbands. But at the end, they all are criminals from the eyes of the law. These are the stories which will show you the other nature of tender women. If you love to read about Mumbai's underworld then don't miss this book !!!

Halo of Book: Excellent !!

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Until next time, Keep Reading :) 

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