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Pandora's Box by Tushar Sen - Book Review


Exclusive collection of Short stories 

Book Name: Pandora's Box
Writer: Tushar Sen 
Source: Review copy 
Total Pages: 166
Language: English
Genre: Fiction/Short Stories 


This is the début book of author Tushar Sen who made his entry into the budding fraternity of bankers and eventually turned a writer. When I read the gist of this book I was curious to know what kind of a story this book would contain. I've just finished reading the book. Let's move to scrutinize the reading journey of this book !!


This book contains 21 different stories which depict various essences. Each story is weaved from different perspectives and urges readers to flip the pages. 

After reading every story, you will find yourself astonished thinking why you couldn't have guessed the climax. The author has played with the minds of readers to come up with intrigued entertaining stories. 

The author has picked up some petty subjects to write which are normally ignored by people. And, this is the novelty of this book. At some places,  personification has been used which makes the entire narration beautiful. 

With each line the urge to know more increases and is satisfied only after reading the unpredictable twist in the story. The Free Fall, The Moustache Gang Of Eldorado, The Cryptic Patient, Philosopher's Stone, Laughing Gas, Unnoticed are my favourite stories in the book. These are the stories that no one has ever tried to write.

I personally loved the story 'The Paying Guest' which reminded me of the writing of Rabindranath Tagore. This story could be a novel. 

There are some stories that can be converted into a novella too. The author has also used some real life instance to form a mysterious plot for his stories. 

Writing style: 

The writing style is contemporary and the language is very easy to engage the reader till the last page. The writer must have done vast research to present these stories and you will realize this after reading the first story itself. This book is not among those which you can read vaguely; one needs to be very conscious while reading the stories, who knows where the story would take a sudden twist!

My perception: 

This book is simply awesome & I am really happy to read this book. The stories are very different from the regular flavour and, the fact that they come from a début writer makes it more special. the author has done a commendable job and I recommend reading this book to everyone. It is a fresh breeze in the literature empire. 

Halo of book: Excellent !!

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Until next time, Keep reading :) 

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