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Day Break (Titan Trilogy #3) by T.J. Brearton - Book Review


Book Name: Day Break (Titan Trilogy #3)
Writer: T.J. Brearton
Source: Read on Amazon Kindle
Total Pages: 319
Price: 254 INR
Language: English
Genre: Fiction / Thriller


'Day Break' is the third and the concluding book in the great Titan series written by T.J. Brearton after 'Habit' and 'Survivors'. The book is a continuation of the story of the two main protagonists from 'Survivors', Brendan Healy and Jennifer Aiken. This is a story of how the two fight for their lives, against the corrupt system to bring down XList, the escort service, and Titan, a company that funds prostitution and human trafficking.

Plot Summary:

The second book 'Survivors' ends with Brendan Healy going to jail for allegedly killing Alexander Heilshorn and Jennifer Aiken being freed from the clutches of Jeremy Staryles. Day Break begins with Brendan Healy in jail and Jennifer Aiken working her way to continue the case after being treated in hospital for months.

Jennifer owes a lot to Brendan Healy and thus makes attempts to get him out of jail. In the meeting, Brendan ends up giving some vital information to Jennifer about Phillip Largo which in turn leads her to Eddie Stemp, Rebecca Heilshorn's, once short-time husband.

After this incident, things take turns for the worse followed by good and both Brendan and Jennifer struggle for their lives while making attempts to expose Titan.

In the end, XList comes to a fall due to the severe attempts of the two protagonists. What happens to them then? Read to find out!

Writing Style:

The writing style of this book is just the same as the previous two. The suspense is effectively kept through every chapter. However, the book gets too descriptive, especially about technical and financial stuff, explaining how the money earned by Titan gets diverted into the black markets and into prostitution and human trafficking via the internet. This is a bit complicated to understand unless you love finance. Other than this, the book is pretty easy to read and understand.

My Perception:

As said earlier, the topics of finance and the internet are too stressed which were a bit boring to read. Secondly, I did not feel this was the perfect conclusion for the Titan Trilogy, although it is good enough. Many questions such as 'what happened to Sloane', 'what happened to Nonsystem', 'did Titan come to an end', etc are not answered.

No wonder the book is a good read for every crime and suspense lover, but I did not find this one as engaging as the first two.

Halo Of Books: Good!

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Until next time, keep reading!

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