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Deja Karma by Vish Dhamija - Book Review


Karma which invoke a devil's Advocate

Book Name: Deja Karma
Source: Read from library
Price: 250
Total pages: 243
Language: English 
Genre: Fiction/ Legal thriller 


Vish Dhamija has already made a name in the field of writing with his two super awesome book Nothing last forever & Bhendi Bazaar . This time, he has written a legal thriller so with the expectation of great thriller I picked this book. Let's see how is this book.

Plot summary; 

The book opens up with a recounting of a horror of the protagonist (Jay Singh) where his father got killed, his mother convicted for murder and he is still traumatized with that horrible night. 

Set in the backdrop of Delhi, Jay Singh, a devil's advocate in his mid forty's believe in money and victory. He is the prominent advocate in the state. It is believed that if Jay has taken your case then there is no fear he will definitely going to save you.

He never loses a case because he is the master to create and mould witness according to the case. He can save you at any cost however his way of working is illegal and against the ethics. 

Doing all these things he has created a great materialized life owing farm house, Audi and expensive lifestyle. But when you will going to see another side of Jay then you will find he is an alcoholic lonely person, who try to erase the horrifying memory of his father's murder with the help of alcohol. 

Then he got a case of Vinay Kumar, a man with the political influence who is alleged of killing his mistress Gina Pinto. This is the case which turns Jay's career, Jay's life unexpectedly. 

Is this the last case in Jay's career? Who is the killer of his father? is Jay's Karma invoke him on the last moment or not? The protagonist sails in the ebbs and flows of these question. 

Alternatively narrated with the first and third person's point of view, the story runs in a slow pace. I felt that the author has ended this book abruptly. 

Writing Style: 

The way of writing is pretty easy and engaging and readers will find easy to understand. However, there is the lack of proofreading as there is the mistake of spacing which is not appreciable by the writer who has two successful books in his hand. 

My perception:   

I personally loved and sympathize Jay's character in spite of having the tag of a wicked lawyer. Last few pages are worth to read. The minus point of this book is you got to know the suspense after finishing half book which is not expected in the thriller genre. When you weigh this book with others two book of Vish then it is nowhere to them. The suspense gets revealed in the midway. Then too you can read this book in the weekend just for a change!  

Halo of book: Good !

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Until next time, Keep Reading :) 

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