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Guy On The Sidewalk by Bharath Krishna - Book Review


Book Name: Guy On The Sidewalk
Writer: Bharath Krishna
Source: Review Copy
Total Pages: 315
Price: 349 INR
Language: English
Genre: Fiction


How many of you think you are on the right path in life or are doing what you really want to do? How many of you think you have figured out the right career stream and would stay attached to it throughout your life? That fact is, most youngsters, even adults in their late 20s these days are confused when it comes to figuring out the right career path and settling down in life. And, if you are one of these, 'A Guy On The Sidewalk' is definitely a book that would interest you!

Plot Summary:

The story begins with the protagonist, Jayawardhan, or simply Jay, deciding to return to India after staying in the United States for a span of six years. Jay leaves for the airport with his friend, still unsure whether the decision to return to India is right or wrong but knowing completely that it is what his mind actually wants. Once in the flight, Jay gets lost in dreams and then follows the flashback.

Since college times, Jay hates the notion of Indians shifting to America for making successful careers and minting dollars in their bank accounts every month. However, after completing his MBA in India and working for a few years, Jay decides to go to America to obtain another MBA. Once he's there, the real struggle of life begins!

Once in America, Jay faces multiple obstacles. Firstly, he is dissatisfied with the MBA program that he is currently pursuing and transfers to another university only to realize that this program, too, is far from his interest. After borrowing money for different programs, Jay becomes debt-ridden and decides to take up a job in the IT sector, a sector that he has hated all through his life.

What follows is a long struggle to secure a job in the US which is worsened by the great recession in 2008. However, Jay has some really good and trustworthy friends who keep boosting his morale from time to time.

The story ends with Jay returning back to India.

Writing Style:

The writing style is extremely simple so that even a school kid can read the book and understand it easily. All the characters in the book are matured and effectively portrayed without describing them too much.

My Perception:

According to me, the book is a real good pass-time if you love reading. The story is engaging and motivating in many respects. Although simple and common, the story will make you realize that it is okay to not know things in life, to not have a clear path in mind, to not be settled in life even when half your friends are married and leading a fulfilled life and to believe in yourself! It teaches you that, in the end, things just turn out to be fine and it is worthy of taking a risk if your mind wants something!

The story, however, is left incomplete and I would love if the author comes up with a sequel to the book soon.

Halo Of Books: Good!

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