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Our moon has blood clots: The exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits by Rahul Pandita - Book Review


A story of injustice 

Book Name: Our moon has blood clots: The exodus of the Kashmiri Pandits
Writer: Rahul Pandita 
Source: Read from library 
Total Page: 258
Language: English 
Genre: Non- Fiction 


Leaving a home in just some minutes without the hope of returning is something which can not be described in the words. Kashmir, called as paradise on earth has soaked in blood many times but the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits is something which can take out the 'humanity' word from the human. This book is about those painful moments of Kashmiri Pandit who has suffered and still suffering without any mistake. 


Rahul Pandita is an eminent war journalist. He and his family have forced to leave Kashmir valley during 1990, he was 14 years old then. 

The book starts with the miserable condition of the refugee camps where the people did not even get the proper basic facility. The half tomato given by relief personnel is something which remains in the heart of  the author always. 

Further, he has mentioned the glorified history of Kashmir and how the Kashmir belongs to the Pandits since thousands of years ago. He has also mentioned how the Kashmiri Pandits has done some great literary work. They call themselves the devoted devotee of Lord Shiva. 

Kashmir is always a point of argument between India and Pakistan. He has mentioned how the tribal invade in the Kashmir with the help of Pakistani army and takes many innocent lives of Hindus claiming them Kafir, Infidel. The havoc never ends in the Kashmir valley and in the year of 1990 it spread its roots again, at that time author have to left Kashmir with family to protect their lives. 

The continuous murder of Pandits, the fear from which everyone has gone through is extensively described in this book. 

He has written about how he felt when they left their home, which was built by the hard earn money of his father and the flourishing garden which was nurtured by her mother. They have left behind the hope of returning. They have changed almost 22 shelters to find security and most of the places they just struggle to live safely. The line said by his mother Our home in Kashmir has twenty-two rooms. is enough to describe their plight. 

Each and every page is filled with the pain of the people who has lost their lives in this tragic moment. Almost 3,50,000 Kashmiri Pandit has left their house and resides in another state of the country. Those who lived there had either killed by the militants or forced to convert. 

The most painful thing is the Muslim who use to live them did not come to rescue them but they help them to eradicate the Kashmiri Pandit from the Kashmir. In such incident when 25 people were gunning down the Mosque increased the volume so that nobody can hear. 

Innocent Kashmiri Pandits has been looted, many women get raped and made slaved by them. Author has also mentioned how the government relief funds did nothing to recover the plight of Kashmiri Pandit. He has also mentioned how is to be like a Kashmiri Pandit and lived like an exile life in the own country? How much successful is government policy to make the effort of returning the Kashmiri Pandits? 

The most sad part of this book is the scar of that moment will always remain in the heart of Kashmiri Pandit and they didn't get justice for this atrocity.  

Writing Style: 

The book is written in the memoir style and the way of describing is super easy. You can read this book in pace. The accurate facts and figures give credibility to this book. 

My perception: 

I feel hatred, sad, helpless while reading this book. The pitiful condition of the Kashmiri Pandits is not hidden by the people or the government, but the saddened part is which causalities can stop with the help of proper action, has not been taken up. Each and every person has washed their hands in the flowing river. Kashmiri Pandits is still struggling to live with the horrifying memory of their devastated home. The only thing which has intact with them is the name 'Kashmiri Pandit' and the blood clots in their moon.   

Halo of book: Excellent !! 

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