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Survivors (Titan Trilogy #2) by T.J. Brearton - Book Review


Book Name: Survivors (Titan Trilogy #2)
Writer: T.J. Brearton
Source: Read on Amazon Kindle
Total Pages: 308
Price: 256 INR
Language: English
Genre: Fiction / Thriller


After 'Habit', 'Survivors' is the second book in the Titan Trilogy series authored by T.J. Brearton. This book starts off where the first book ended, taking a two-year leap. As gripping and full of suspense as the first book is, this book too will make you flip pages to find out more about what happens to the protagonist.

Plot Summary:

The book begins with a Prologue that describes a fatal car accident. The victims of the accident, Angie and her little daughter Gloria, are the protagonist, Brendan Healy's wife and daughter respectively.

After the epilogue, the book takes a two-year leap. There are several new characters in this book apart from the ones in the 'Habit'. Brendan Healy, the detective, continues to be the protagonist.

After the arrest of Olivia Jana in the Heilshorn case, Brendan is removed from the case and goes under hiding since there is a threat to his life. For two years, he continues to lead a life like that until one day a phone call changes things.

Brendan is informed that his dear friend, Argon, has met with an accident while on duty, and succumbed to it. However, the caller, Sheriff Taber, tells Brendan that there is something suspicious about Argon's death and that foul play is suspected.

And that's it! Brendan sets off on a new journey now, not as an official cop or detective anymore, but as a common man, hunting justice for his dear friend. In the process, he meets several people, good and bad, who influence the case in a number of ways.

Now, apart from Brendan, there is one more fearless Federal agent working on the Heilshorn case named Jennifer Aiken. Considering her loyalty to the case and the fact that she can expose the Titan, she is kidnapped and poisoned.

What happens to Brendan and Jennifer? Do they survive? Read the book to find out!

Writing Style:

The writing style, just like the first book, is immensely descriptive. I wouldn't say it is as much an easy read as a book written by an Indian author but it is not tough either. The author has described places, events, people and situations way too much at some places which readers may find a bit boring.

My Perception:

In my perception, the book is equally good as much as the first book, Habit. When I first read the reviews of the book, I was a bit disheartened since many people said it is nowhere close to the first book. However, I found this book equally interesting and engrossing as much as the first one. In fact, this time, I was more curious to know what happens next which kept me reading constantly.

For the lovers of crime, it is a must read!

Halo Of Books: Excellent!

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Until next time, keep reading!

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