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The Kiss of Life: How a Superhero and my son Defeated Cancer by Emraan Hashmi with Bilal Siddiqi


An inspirational, must read book 

Book name: The Kiss of life: How a superhero and my son defeated cancer 
Writer: Emraan Hashmi with Bilal Siddiqi 
Source: Read from library
Total pages: 185
Price: 399 INR
Language: English 
Genre: Memoir/ Non-fiction 


Cancer- this one word is enough to bring horror in someone's life. Cancer is the second biggest cause of death after heart disease. When cancer spread its roots in someone's body, his/her entire family gets affected by it. Cancer comes with physical as well as psychological consequences. As parents when one gets to know that his/her little one, who doesn't even know the meaning of the disease is suffering from cancer, their trauma can not be described in words. Renowned actor Emraan Hashmi's 4-year-old son suffered from cancer and he wrote this book to spread awareness about it among people.


Emraan and Parveen Hashmi were having some quality family time at a restaurant when they first saw the unusual symptom in Ayaan. They rushed to a hospital and got the bad news that there was a growing tumour in the stomach of little Ayaan. Unfortunately, the tumour was detected as Wilms tumour  which mostly takes children as prey. It is the kind of cancer that affects the kidney. 

A four-year-old who fears injections was now in the operation theatre battling for his life. There is one line in the book which is really apt 'Children have a special strength to deal and cope with things. They don't get bogged down by the notions and fear of illness.'  

In spite of several efforts, doctors couldn't save his kidney. Emraan has described how, in seconds, his happiness vanished in thin air. He suddenly started believing in prayer and god. 

With the struggle of Ayaan, Emraan has also mentioned his struggle to become a cult actor today. From a careless boy, who has taken forty-five takes to shoot his first scene in the movie Footpath to an erotic actor in Murder and then establishing himself as a cult actor in movie Shanghai, Emraan has come a long way. He has also mentioned how he has tagged himself as 'Serial kisser' in Jawani Diwani movie. He has also talked about his kissing scenes on the screen and how it is just a part of acting. 

After the tumour removal, they selected a renowned hospital in Canada where the further chemotherapy was done. Due to the scheduled bond of his three upcoming movies Mr. X, Raja Natwarlal & Hamari Adhuri Kahani  he fled back to India, lying to his son. The emotional journey of any father who has to leave his son for a painful treatment is very sympathetic to read. He has also mentioned how his wife Parveen stood strong in this weird situation. 

Amid keeping a toddler away from junk foods and making him follow the treatment, there is a mention of Batman who consoles Ayaan to go through with the treatment. Read the book to find out more about this Batman. After a painful journey of 6 months, Ayaan finally came to Mumbai. The chemotherapy had started showing its side effects where Emraan has mentioned how he and his wife went through seeing their son losing hair. How did his entire family stand with them over this situation?

Emraan sank himself in research of Cancer and he gathered a lot of helpful information which he has compiled in this book honestly. He has appealed to everyone to follow a healthy lifestyle which can prevent cancer to a great extent.

Writing style: 

Bilal Siddiqi has done an excellent job to writing a book in such a manner which can connect with the readers. The language is very easy and you can finish reading this book in just one day. 

My perception: 

I am a die-hard fan of Emraan Hashmi. I love him as a devoted husband and devoted father. This book will not only give you the strength to fight with cancer but will also teach how to be strong in every situation. This is an inspirational book which everyone needs to read once. I would like to mention a beautiful line from this book 'And every time I fall,  I have promised myself that however shaky my legs, I will get up. It's only after a disaster that you can resurrect yourself. A little four-year-old has taught me that, the meaning of life.'  Ayaan is a strong boy and with his clear spirit, he has fought cancer and won over it. A  big hug to Ayaan !! Ayaanman !!!

In life, bad and worse thing keep happening to us but to fight with them fearlessly is real victory. A kiss of life !

Halo of books: Excellent !

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Until next time, Keep reading :) 

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