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A season of ghosts by Ruskin Bond - Book Review


Happy Birthday Mr. Ruskin Bond

Book name: A season of ghosts 
Writer: Ruskin Bond
Source: Read from library 
Total pages: 210
Language: English 
Genre: Fiction/ Short story/ Horror 


This time, I wanted to read some simple yet fascinating story so I picked this book. The title and cover page makes it look more interesting. Ruskin Bond, the master story teller again came with a compilation of various ghost stories hailing from his hometown. Luckily today is the birthday of our beloved writer Ruskin Bond, so to reviewing his book is an apt for today. 


This book includes 10 ghost stories which belong to Mussoorie, a popular hill station in India. Ruskin Bond effectively draws the beautiful picture of the hill station with interesting words. The reader can get swept away with the flow of the stories. The stories are set in the context of mist, chill, rainy atmosphere when there were no vehicles and technology available at the hill station. 

Each story is beautifully written, 'Whistling in the Dark' is a story where he met with a strange spirit who kept whistling in the tranquil chilled night. 'Wilson's Bridge' is where one can see the spirit of a woman jumping from it. 'The Black Cat' is a story weaved around the witch.

'On Fairy Hill' is the story where the author met Lilliput fairies. Each story gives a different taste to the reader. 'Reunion at the Regal' is a story where the author gets to glance at his dead friend. 

'Something In The Water' is a typical kind of story where the unknown creature in the water kills humans. 'The Prize' is a story of a drunkard writer who meets a ghost at a very uncertain place and time. 'Night At The Millennium' reminds me the episode of Aahat. 

'The Rakshasas'  is a folklore story, which you must have read or heard before in different context. 

The last and captivating story of this book is 'Who Killed The Rani?' narrated from the point of view of an inspector named Keemat Lal. Rani, an arrogant lady who has a love and hate relationship with neighbours get killed. The story travels with the beautiful narration of Mussoorie.   

Apart from the stories, I always love to read the introduction part. It reflects the ideas and dedication of Ruskin Bond for the book. 

Writing style: 

One of the main pleasures to read Ruskin Bond's books is the simple language. He always offers his readers a great story written in the simplest form. In this book, the writing style is extremely easy and you can finish this book in just a day. 

My perception: 

The stories are not creepy and cannot scare you. I will recommend this book to read for the excellent narration of hill atmosphere and folklore stories. If you are Ruskin Bond's fan then you don't need any reason to pick this book. Others can simply read this book for a change !

Halo of books: Good ! 

Grab a copy of this book from here 

Until next time, Keep Reading :) 

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